And so it begins.

Welcome to the new www.cormacmccarthy.com. This site has been in development for many months, and I hope you find it comfortable and user-friendly.

We’re glad to be able to post on the main page again, a functionality we lost owing to Google’s being capricious.

We’re also glad to be moving this site into the twenty-first century, finally. You’ll notice that we’ve added Twitter and Facebook integration, to mention just a few new features. We’ve also abandoned our previous Forum hosts and taken the whole Forum thing completely in house, so to speak.

We are also debuting a completely new shopping cart and bookstore system, and we’ve added even more books for you via Amazon.

Please report problems with your experience here, and do drop us a line and let us know what you think of the new site.

We strive to respect Cormac McCarthy’s privacy while still presenting the best and most-up-to-date site that we possibly can. That task has become more difficult as McCarthy has become better known and more popular. News being what it is nowadays, we always appreciate a heads-up about some item we might have missed.

More updates are coming as we settle in here. Of special note is Dianne C. Luce’s English-language bibliography, which has had a major update that’s waiting in the hands of your humble Webmaster for some formatting work. I promise, it’s coming. And there’s a new issue of The Cormac McCarthy Journal due out soon, too.

So here we are, hopefully new and improved. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you like the place.

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