Google Alert Targets Peter Josyph

Apologies for the muckraking headline, but I received a Google Alert this morning. It contained a link to a site that purported to offer me a free PDF of Peter Josyph’s Adventures in Reading Cormac McCarthy. The link was apparently to a non-US site, and the site downloaded an executable file to my computer without prompting from me.

These kinds of sites are common and malicious. I’ve notified Google, but I wanted to take a moment to warn people away from a potentially harmful site. And I wanted to mention that Peter Josyph’s book is available in the Bookshop from

It’s not free and it’s not an ebook, but it doesn’t require a wireless network. It needs no batteries to operate. It looks and feels like a book, smells like a book, and will not infect your computer with viruses.

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