Witliff Collections Journal Publishes McCarthy Archives Story

The Keystone, journal of the Witliff Collections, published a short piece in their Spring 2012 issue about researching in the Cormac McCarthy Papers. “McCarthy Scholar Illuminates the Research Process” discloses the following:

Since opening to research in the summer of 2009, the Cormac McCarthy Papers remain the Wittliff’s most heavily accessed archive—and certainly the one that has generated the most interest among the international community. Scholars from Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Israel, and Portugal, as well as several from the United Kingdom, have made the trek to San Marcos, Texas, to study the McCarthy collection. As [Rob] McInroy [profiled in the piece] points out “for a McCarthy researcher, access to the archive is essential.”

McInroy also offers some tips for researchers contemplating spending time with the Cormac McCarthy Papers. The entire issue is available as a free download here [PDF]. The article appears on page 11.

For more information about the Witliff Collections, visit their Web site.

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