Franco’s Blood Meridian Test Footage Released, et al.

For those of you who haven’t been paying close attention to the Forum, you may have missed this post the other day about  the test footage from James Franco’s apparently aborted film version of Blood Meridian: Or The Evening Redness in the West. The footage is here, and it includes a few remarks by Franco.

Worth mentioning: August 1 is the release date (limited, USA) for Franco’s adaptation of Child of God. (More from Franco about that project here.)

Several of our members are en route and/or have recently arrived in Sydney, Austraila for our first conference in Australia, Cormac McCarthy: Borders and Landscapes. Rick Wallach promises to blog the event here.

Also, there’s this, from The Paris Review. And while I’m at it, this also.

And finally, Cormac McCarthy turned 81 on Sunday, July 20. We wish him a belated Happy Birthday, even though not everyone around here was as belated as Your Humble Webmaster.


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