Live-streaming Blood Meridian Workshop Happens Tonight

Rick Wallach posts the following on the Forum:

For the first time in Cormac McCarthy Studies the University of Warwick and IATL is live-streaming a workshop on the author’s acclaimed novel Blood Meridian. Join us on Friday 20 November from 09:45 hours GMT on live stream for an informal day with the judge.

Here’s your live link to the workshop:

Yes, 9:45 GMT is 4:45 AM EST on this side of the pond, but there are two bits of good news: (1) the symposium will be going on all day so feel free to link up once you’ve had your beauty sleep, and (2) the proceedings are being videorecorded and will be available, presumably in some edited form, at some future date if you miss it on Friday. We’ll be sure to let you know when the recorded version becomes available, too.

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