Please Don’t Post Excerpts from The Passenger

Someone posted excerpts from The Passenger that were read at a public event last year. The event was taped, and the tape was on YouTube.

Someone took a great deal of time to compile a transcript of all the passages from the new novel and post them. After that, there are comments. Good ones, stuff we need to know as we begin unpacking that book.

While we’re appreciative of the dedication, and while we share your excitement about the book(s), we’ve always followed one simple rule: We never publish anything until McCarthy publishes it. Particularly in this case, where the punctuation and grammar are only inferred, the problems are manifold.

In addition to being a straight-up copyright violation, it’s publishing work that McCarthy has not deemed ready for written publication.

We’d ask that you respect Mr. McCarthy’s wishes and refrain from publishing large excerpts like this here and elsewhere.

Also, please remember that you published ALL that we currently have of The Passenger; that’s unacceptable.

Fair use is one thing, but respect is another.

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