About CormacMcCarthy.com

I first heard the name “Cormac McCarthy” when I interviewed novelist and historian Shelby Foote in early 1992. He told me McCarthy was “very good.” Foote had read the galley proof of All the Pretty Horses. He recommended it to me, and I read it upon its publication.

After that, I began looking for McCarthy’s other works. They were slowly coming back into print. I went to university libraries and began looking for criticism. Only two books about McCarthy’s work existed at that time. One was Vereen Bell’s The Achievement of Cormac McCarthy. The other was John Sepich’s Notes on Blood Meridian.

The Web site that evolved into CormacMcCarthy.com was started on the Prodigy Internet Service in the spring or summer of 1994. At that time, precious little was known about McCarthy.

The Web site was hand coded by me for several years. I slowly researched McCarthy and his career, borrowing generously from the biographical sketch in Edwin T. Arnold and Dianne C. Luce’s collection, Perspectives on Cormac McCarthy.

There were six McCarthy novels then. The Crossing was published in 1994. About that time, I got an email from Edwin T. Arnold. He asked if I would be interested in running a Web site for the then nascent Cormac McCarthy Society. Shocked, I responded. “Are you the Edwin T. Arnold whose essays I’ve read?” He assured me that he was, and quickly introduced me to Rick Wallach via email.

We had a small gathering at the Southern Writers and Southern Writing Conference, hosted by the University of Mississippi, in 1996. That was when I first met “Chip” Arnold, Wallach, Dianne Luce, Peter Josyph, and others.

Owing to the contributions of these people and with the support of the Society, my few little Web pages, put together before the Web itself was much of anything, have become this Web site.

Thanks are due here and owing. First, to Cormac McCarthy, for the books. To his publishers, editors, and agents: for answering our questions, sending us advance copies, and letting us peacefully carry on.

Thanks to the originals: Chip Arnold, John Sepich, Dianne Luce, and Rick Wallach. Each of you have helped in ways large and small to make this site what it has become. Another original, Peter Josyph, is an inspiration. The man always has a story, and that fact, plus his ability to share it, is one of the main reasons for the success of the many conferences we’ve held.

Special thanks to Dave Cremean, Jay Ellis, Wes Morgan, Stacey Peebles, Bill Spencer, and Nell Sullivan.

Thanks to Palmer Murphy for the site’s new logo.

Thanks to our many and varied Forum participants.

And thanks, as always, for visiting.

Marty Priola
Your Humble Webmaster