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Cameron Diaz Joins The Counselor

In apparently confirmed casting news, Cameron Diaz has snagged a part in The Counselor. Twitch breaks the news: The role will certainly be a darker part than we’re used to seeing from Diaz but, surely, after years of playing eye candy with only the occasional foray into more substantial material Diaz must be ready for […]

Witliff Collections Journal Publishes McCarthy Archives Story

The Keystone, journal of the Witliff Collections, published a short piece in their Spring 2012 issue about researching in the Cormac McCarthy Papers. “McCarthy Scholar Illuminates the Research Process” discloses the following: Since opening to research in the summer of 2009, the Cormac McCarthy Papers remain the Wittliff’s most heavily accessed archive—and certainly the one […]

Cormac McCarthy Wins Nobel Prize in Physics

Cormac McCarthy has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. The unusual timing of the award together with McCarthy’s lack of accomplishment in the field has caused consternation among some. Brian Greene, string theorist and professor at Columbia University since 1996, upon being informed of McCarthy’s prize, angrily huffed, “What’s he ever done for us […]