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Well, after a day or so of outage/outrage, we’re back up and running again.

Sadly, on account of someone’s deleting the main admin account, the site had to be restored from backup. And that means we’ve lost about a week of Forum posts.

Also, we lost the Sydney Conference Info, but it has ben reconstructed.

Apologies for the missing posts; the person responsible has been dealt with severely.

Cormac McCarthy Turns 80

The year Cormac McCarthy was born, FM radio and the stereo record were invented.

The source for the above happens to incorrectly cite 1936 as the year Samuel Colt patented the Colt revolver. Even though the Colt was invented 97 years before McCarthy was born and not when he was three, McCarthy would certainly make good use of the Colt (and any other weapons found lying about) in Blood Meridian or The Evening Redness in the West.

On Cormac McCarthy’s birthday in 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

I had thought to mention a few things that weren’t invented when McCarthy was born, but you can look those things up easily. Instead, I’ll say that Cormac McCarthy turns 80 with one of the most anticipated works of his career, The Counselor, only months away from release.

His next novel (as much as these things can be predicted), The Passenger, may not be far off. Ditto the filmed adaptation of Child of God.

We hear he’s working on at least three other novels.

For Cormac McCarthy at 80, slowing down doesn’t appear to be the plan. We wish him happy birthday, good health, and continued success.

Society’s Blood Meridian Casebook Available for Preorder

The Cormac McCarthy Society is pleased to announce that the second volume in its casebook series on Cormac McCarthy, They Rode On: Blood Meridian and the Tragedy of the American West, is now available for preorder. We expect the book to arrive in mid June, but we are offering special preorder pricing through the end of May. The retail price will be US$5-10 more per copy, so we urge you to get your orders in soon.

The Counselor Screenplay Due October 8 from Vintage

For those of you who have missed the relevant forum post, is now listing The Counselor: A Screenplay with a publication date of 8 October 2013.

No cover art yet, but the book’s available for preorder.

Volume 10 of The Cormac McCarthy Journal Available for Purchase

The Cormac McCarthy Society announces the immediate availability of The Cormac McCarthy Journal, Volume 10.

Society Announces 20th Anniversary Conference Schedule

A keynote address by the indomitable Peter Josyph (with the understated title “How Cormac McCarthy Saved Civilization”) and a dinner celebrating the 20th anniversary of both All the Pretty Horses and the Cormac McCarthy Society highlight the Society’s just-released 20th Anniversary Conference Schedule. Four days of activities are planned, including presentations by over 40 scholars and independent researchers from around the world.

As we’ve said before, this event is shaping up to be a big deal (yes, that’s a term of art) in McCarthy studies, and it’s also going to be, to quote one of the conference organizers, “a hell of a good time.”

We would remind you, once again, that reservations at the Historic Boone Tavern may well be in short supply. If you’re planning to attend, get your registration fees paid and those hotel reservations made.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Berea, Kentucky, in March. Further details are available by following the links to the conference pages:

We’ve some new information about room sharing, as well.

The cost for a guestroom with two double beds is USD108.90 per night total including tax. Please email us if you want to find a roommate to share the expense of a room at the Boone Tavern with you. We will forward your email to anyone else who is also looking for a roommate, and vice-versa, so that you can make arrangements with them.

Berea Conference Paper Submission Deadline Extended

The deadline for submitting abstracts for consideration for the All the Pretty Horses 20th Anniversary Conference has been extended. We will consider abstracts submitted through next Friday, December 14. If you’re planning to submit a paper proposal but have not, please email Rick Wallach and inform him of your intent. This is shaping up to be a large, well-attended conference, so get those submissions in as quickly as possible.

Bookshop Sale Begins Today

The Cormac McCarthy Society Announces its first ever sale.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re offering a 10% discount on all items in the Bookshop through next Friday, December 14. The name Outer Dark Friday Sale has ben suggested, but for brevity’s sake, the discount that appears in the shopping cart will go by the appellation “Bleak Friday Sale.”

Society Members, please check your email. We have a few special members-only discounts that we’ll handle apart from the normal Bookshop process. If you’re interested in those items, the email will instruct you how to proceed.

Latest McCarthy Collection from Peter Josyph Available for Preorder

Cormac McCarthy’s House: Reading McCarthy Without Walls¬†is available for preorder from

Before you get your hopes up too high about this new collection, note that it will not appear until next March. Still, it’s never too early to preorder.

As always, ordering from via these links benefits the work of the Society.

Suttree Casebooks Shipping Early Next Week

Those of you who have preordered our Suttree¬†casebook will be pleased to know that the books have finally been shipped to the Society, and we’ll be shipping them out to you early next week. The slight delay was primarily due to the disruption caused by Hurricane Sandy, but delivery services, etc., handled their backlogs pretty quickly.

Those of you who ordered the paperback will be receiving your books first; the hardcover edition takes slightly longer to put together, so we will probably be shipping those later in the week.

Of course, if you have thus far neglected to get yourself a copy, you can order it here.