Berea Conference Paper Submission Deadline Extended

The deadline for submitting abstracts for consideration for the All the Pretty Horses 20th Anniversary Conference has been extended. We will consider abstracts submitted through next Friday, December 14. If you’re planning to submit a paper proposal but have not, please email Rick Wallach and inform him of your intent. This is shaping up to be a large, well-attended conference, so get those submissions in as quickly as possible.

Bookshop Sale Begins Today

The Cormac McCarthy Society Announces its first ever sale.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re offering a 10% discount on all items in the Bookshop through next Friday, December 14. The name Outer Dark Friday Sale has ben suggested, but for brevity’s sake, the discount that appears in the shopping cart will go by the appellation “Bleak Friday Sale.”

Society Members, please check your email. We have a few special members-only discounts that we’ll handle apart from the normal Bookshop process. If you’re interested in those items, the email will instruct you how to proceed.

Latest McCarthy Collection from Peter Josyph Available for Preorder

Cormac McCarthy’s House: Reading McCarthy Without Walls is available for preorder from

Before you get your hopes up too high about this new collection, note that it will not appear until next March. Still, it’s never too early to preorder.

As always, ordering from via these links benefits the work of the Society.

Suttree Casebooks Shipping Early Next Week

Those of you who have preordered our Suttree casebook will be pleased to know that the books have finally been shipped to the Society, and we’ll be shipping them out to you early next week. The slight delay was primarily due to the disruption caused by Hurricane Sandy, but delivery services, etc., handled their backlogs pretty quickly.

Those of you who ordered the paperback will be receiving your books first; the hardcover edition takes slightly longer to put together, so we will probably be shipping those later in the week.

Of course, if you have thus far neglected to get yourself a copy, you can order it here.

Suttree Casebook Now Available

The Cormac McCarthy Society announces the publication of the first in our casebook series, You Would Not Believe What Watches: Suttree and Cormac McCarthy’s Knoxville. More details are available on the Bookshop.

Christian Kiefer Publishes First Novel

Christian Kiefer was one of the earliest Society Members and has been for years an all-around supporter of our mission. He was a regular conference participant, and he quite possibly coined the term “Cormackian,” as in “The Fightin’ Cormackians” who sparred in obscurity on the very first iteration of our Forum here.

His first novel, The Infinite Tides, was published on June 19. The book is getting phenomenal reviews, so we urge you to give it a look.

Society Announces Conference Rates and Lodging Information for 20th Anniversary Conference

The Cormac McCarthy Society has completed preliminary arrangements for next year’s Conference in Berea, Kentucky. More information and the requisite payment button can be found on the new Conference Rates, Lodging, and Transportation Page.

For my part, I’d like to add two comments. First, this conference is going to be a great event; if at all possible, make arrangements to be there. Second, I’ve no idea what’s so historic about the historic Boone Tavern (though I could surmise from its name) in downtown Berea, but the announcement text mentions the “historic”-ness of the place several times—as if you needed another reason to make plans to attend.

Happy Birthday Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy turns 79 today. So we say Happy Birthday!

More from, (on his birthday two years ago),, and via Facebook at Appalachian Heritage.

Forums Experiencing Growing Pains

The Forums are having issues. I’ve just upgraded the bbPress plugin (which runs the Forums), and the upgrade has messed with the styling of the forum pages. They should still be usable, but they are not terribly attractive at the moment. I’ll be looking into this and working to resolve the problems as soon as I can. Anyone who knows a good deal about WordPress themes and the bbPress plugin can feel free to email me.

Luce Updates Comprehensive McCarthy Bibliography

Dianne Luce’s English-language bibliography of McCarthy criticism [PDF] has been updated and posted on this site. Several have asked where it was. The answer is that it’s been thoroughly updated. We (meaning I) hit a few snags on the way with the Web presentation, which have delayed its arrival far too long, but it’s available now on the Bibliographies page. As always, please let us know if you have any problems or spot any errors.