The Cormac McCarthy Society Fundraising Appeal

For the past twenty years, The Cormac McCarthy Society has sponsored publications, conferences, online bibliographies and discussion forums. We have always relied on our own resources—membership dues, conference registration fees, sales from our online bookshop—and the enthusiasm of our members to bring our projects to fruition.

We’ve always thought about our members first, and have taken into account the challenging economic circumstances (especially of the past decade). During all this time, with our expenses always rising, we have increased annual dues only twice. We have even added discounted categories for military and senior citizen memberships.

Now, however, we are faced with continually mounting costs, but we also hope to seize new opportunities. We have, therefore, begun a fundraising campaign to support our ongoing programs and to kick off several ambitious new projects.

Our traditional resources cannot, by themselves, fund these programs. That’s why we’re turning to you, our members; to achieve our goals, we must rely on your generosity and upon the foundations and other organizations we’re going to approach for additional funding. In the near future, we propose:

Expanding Our Publishing Agenda

We are proud of our track record of publishing emerging scholars. Enabling talented graduate students, youthful faculty, and critics to make their insights available to a wider readership has been integral to the Society’s mission from its very beginning. We’re going to do better.

  • Beginning in 2015, we plan to publish The Cormac McCarthy Journal, our peer-reviewed scholarly periodical, in an expanded biannual format.
  • We are readying the third volume of our Casebook series, Beyond Borders: Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses. We intend to publish two volumes of critical anthologies annually until we have covered all of McCarthy’s novels, plays, screenplays, films, and early writings. Each volume will combine new material with reprints of seminal work from years past.
  • We hope to begin publishing selected single-author critical volumes in 2014.
  • Keeping our casebooks and journals in print after the initial issues sell out also requires additional funds. We hope to republish the out-of-print volumes of The Cormac McCarthy Journal, beginning with a single-volume edition of the first three issues. Additionally, we need editors and designers to make our publications more professional. Each step in the publishing process costs money that we sometimes just do not have.

Debuting The Cormac McCarthy Society Video Channel

We have hours of live videos from last March’s twentieth anniversary conference at Berea College we want to make available on the Society’s new YouTube video channel. We need funding for software, licensing costs, and editing services.

Restoring the Old Forum Archives

We have archived Forum discussions dating back to the beginnings of the Cormac McCarthy Forum. We need funds to edit these discussions, preserving the most valuable insights in a new, indexed section of our Web site.

Further Developing Our Web Presence

Given Cormac McCarthy’s increasingly public profile and heightened media attention, together with the demands that social networks make on the Webmaster’s job, we are seeking to develop funds to improve our Web site and expand our online presence.

Enhancing Our Conference Sponsorships

Our officers have, from the beginning, worked without remuneration. Their generosity and enthusiasm has sustained us. Planning a conference requires travel and a good deal of private expense. The increased cost of travel and services, though, has made these contributions in kind prohibitively expensive. We need funding to reimburse our volunteers, or we risk losing our ability to continue to support such projects.

How You Can Help

We need three things to accomplish this lofty set of goals:

  1. Most of all, we need cash. We’ve made it easy for you to contribute via the new “donate” link at the upper right of our homepage. No donation will be turned away.
  2. We need the assistance of folks who are savvy about writing grant proposals effectively or know people who might assist us in drafting them. We also need input from anyone adept at identifying foundations, government agencies or other organizations we could approach for funding.
  3. Finally, we need the continued support of our membership. You can help us by paying your annual dues as soon as you receive our 2014 dues notice later this year. We encourage anyone who would like to help out to paying their 2014 membership dues early, especially if you wish to honor us with an additional donation. Just email us, and we’ll gratefully send you an electronic invoice for the amount you wish to give. Or you can mail us a check to:

The Cormac McCarthy Society
13850 SW 100th Avenue
Miami, FL 33176

Think about how much we have achieved on two decades of shoestring budgets—all the conferences; all the online services, like our forum and bibliographies; all the emerging scholars we have published—and you will surely appreciate how much more we could accomplish with additional funding. Won’t you please continue to show us your support and assist us in taking the Society’s activities to the next level?

Please remember: The Cormac McCarthy Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Contributions to the Society are fully tax-deductible. We will send you a receipt with our 501(c)(3) information to legitimize your tax deduction.