A Reminder: We Don't Represent Cormac McCarthy

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  • 18 Aug 2016 at 10:37 pm #8504

    Rick Wallach

    Over the years we have very occasionally received mail intended for Cormac McCarthy himself. Some of them, surprisingly, come from grade school students as far down the rungs as junior high school. Some come from adults who should pay closer attention to our disclaimer; they were able to look up our address and ought to be able to spot our demurral as well. Most folks do bother to read the disclaimer on our homepage that we do not represent him and that he’s reachable through his agent, Amanda Urban, at International Creative Management.

    In the past, we’ve usually responded to these inquiries by redirecting them to ICM. However, with McCarthy’s increased visibility and fame over the past decade or so the volume of these uninformed missives has increased to the point where we’re just not going to respond to them anymore. (If I see that it’s a youngster, I will probably make an exception, but otherwise – enough is enough.)

    Please check our home page for the correct information about how to get in touch with the author before contacting us. We’d appreciate it.

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