Agent of The Archons

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  • 10 Sep 2016 at 12:49 am #8551


    Has anyone considered Black as the antagonist of The Sunset Limited? In the Gnostic sense White has realized the evil of materiality the same as the Kid, as John Grady, as Billy Parham though at a far more refined level.

    Or perhaps Black is still enslaved to the archonic forces?

    Considering the intertextuality between SL and TR this interpretation is somewhat undermined by Black’s use of Is that ok? reminiscent of the man and the boy’s repetitious exchanges of Ok’s.

    Another undermining of this is that Black readily admits the insufficiency of materialism.

    On the other hand his closing lines: I don’t understand why you sent me down there. If you wanted me to help him how come you didnt give me the words? You give em to him? What about me?

    Not interpreting him as a supernatural agent (you could interpret both or one or the other or none as one) perhaps Black himself is enthralled in the kind of ignorance the bloody old hoodwinker would have over men.

    On the other other hand it is quite apparent that White has followed in the intellectual footsteps of that bloody dark pastryman and was not capable of handling that form of reality. Perhaps he would have been another kid in another time.

    27 Sep 2016 at 4:08 am #8593


    yes i agrre with you.

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