Blood Meridian Casebook Call for Papers

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    Rick Wallach

    Now that the Suttree casebook is at the printer, we’re moving ahead smartly on the second volume in the series, the Blood Meridian casebook, which will be entitled They Rode On: Blood Meridian and the Tragedy of the American West. 

    The core of this volume will be the selection of essays published in the Summer 2011 issue of Southwestern American Literature, in turn drawn from the memorable October 2010 Blood Meridian 25th Anniversary conference in San Marcos.  However, we will be substantially augmenting those essays – several of which will be revised versions – with an enriched section on the historical background of the novel, discussions of the evolution of the novel from its earlier versions as disclosed by the treasure chest of manuscripts in the Wittliff Collection, and the inclusion of the comparative papers from the conference which were left out of the SWAL edition to to space limitations.

    Our publication date, currently projected, should be late February – we hope, in time to bring a few copies down to Berea with us.

    We will be posting a formal call for papers shortly, but at this point, here is a short list of topics we want to cover in the casebook which have not yet been directly addressed to our satisfaction:

    – Historical material on the Glanton Gang and its misadventures;

    -Biographical or other material on General Samuel Chamberlain;

    -Studies of the manuscripts of the earlier versions of the novel.

    Anyone interested in writing on these subjects, or already having material they’d like to submit, please contact me at info (at) cormacmccarthy dot com.  No need to wait for the formal call.


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