Conference Well Played Indeed

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  • 03 Sep 2017 at 9:04 pm #9786

    Rick Wallach

    I’m on my way home, earlier than originally planned due to the impendiment (just a neologism I thought we needed) of Hurricane Irma and some of the preparatory property cleanup and lockdown denizens of Macondo always have to do in case this thing hits us in the teeth at the end of next week, as it seems on a potential course to do. If by Wednesday it is still tracking to the north/northwest I also have to cancel my plans to go to New Orleans for the American Lit Association symposium next week which I would hate to have to do but obviously I can’t just head out and leave Friendo to friend…er…fend for himself.

    On the brighter side, the 2017 Society conference went really well. One of the best things about it was after 25 years of these things I had never met nearly half the participants before. I was thrilled with all the new faces, who to a one delivered smart, insightful papers and (I hope) made the same kind of home for themselves that so many of you made when you first wandered into the Society’s orbit. It’s testimony to how interest and scholarship in the Master’s work has deepened and expanded; new members and presenters showed up from the US, Canada, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Italy. It was also great to see some old faces I hadn’t seen in a while – Dave (Blackhiller) Cremean, Elliot White, Michael Crews, my beloved Nell Sullivan, Liana and Robin Andreason, Tom Hendry, Dianne Luce and on and on. I also saw Wallis Sanborn but he seems to be there every time I turn around lately.
    It was a well attended and well run event (the first one in those 25 years that I didn’t plan, having retired to handle only the occasional international conference) and my hat is off to Stacey Peebles and Dustin Anderson for the fine job they did. U of T Prof. Don Graham delivered a fascinating, witty keynote speech on Cormac and the Texas literary tradition even as his football team was being massacred. That couldn’t have been easy.

    Next fall we are working on holding our first conference in Mexico – you know, that country to the south of us Cormac keeps writing about – in the beautiful city of Monterrey. I’ll keep everyone posted about that. Meanwhile, kudos to everyone involved in Austin.

    07 Sep 2017 at 2:56 am #9794

    Richard L.

    Wow, looks like a great program, with a handsome poster. I might have made it this year, as a walk-in spectator, but the hurricane talk kept me away. We vacationed instead at Panama City Beach, weather lovely every day. Maybe year after next, somewhere.

    Good luck with the current hurricane.

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