Dustin Kensrue, "Carry the Fire"

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    Don’t know how into the post-hardcore scene people are on this forum….

    Dustin Kensrue, lead singer of Thrice, just released a solo album titled “Carry the Fire”. The title track is pretty awesome imo:


    For anyone who doesn’t know who Thrice are (were?), they’re definitely one of my all-time favorite bands. (You may know “All That’s Left” from their album “The Artist in the Ambulance” released a little over a decade ago… that got a fair bit of radio play back in the day.) They did a bunch of pretty hardcore punk in the late 90s-early 00s, started doing some more experimental stuff in the mid 00s, transitioned into a pretty straightforward rock sound in recent years.

    Actually, listening to Thrice is how I first heard of Pynchon. Their fourth album is titled “Vheissu” after Pynchon’s V. (Only one of many literary allusions in Thrice’s output. Kensrue’s lyrics reference everything from Greek mythology to the Bible to Melville to Shelley to Poe, etc.)

    Anyway… the song’s cool, check it out if you want.

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