Fellow Knoxvillians Unite!

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  • 23 May 2013 at 2:53 pm #3407

    I’ve read of McCarthy meetups in the past that tour through this prismatic little city of ours and I thought I might voice the desire to meetup with anyone with knowledge to share.

    I’ve been enjoying the hell out of You Would Not Believe What Watches. But additionally, I’d like to meetup with some people that actually lived in the Knoxville McCarthy lived and wrote in. I’ve only lived here since 2007 and find it hard to envision a sunsphere-less cityscape or a once bucolic cedar bluff.

    So if anyone out there is interested in sharing histories of the city, theories of fiction, and maybe a couple of beers don’t be shy!


    23 May 2013 at 7:53 pm #3408


    Work at Comer’s in the morning, fish the Tennessee River in the afternoon and read the Metro Pulse at night.

    24 May 2013 at 10:20 am #3410

    Rick Wallach

    I imagine Bob Gentry, AKA The fart, will be along to engage you shortly. He’s a ferociously proud relic of the Knoxville that done was, and there will be a much fuller version of his piece on growing up Knoxy in the revised edition of You Would Not Believe What Watches coming out this fall.

    24 May 2013 at 10:05 pm #3417

    Yep, here I am, Fart, checkin in. I used to be called Old Fart, but Rick Wallach threw out the “Old” and jes called me Fart. First I wondered ’bout it kinda negatively, but got to thinkin it’s a compliment that only Marse Rick can give, which makes it unique and special, and most of all morphs me into a youngun. Better to be a young Fart blowin hot air than an old un chillin at the bone of near death.

    So welcome to the Forum, young Klint Kratzer. That a German name? Don’t sound Tennessee to me. I lived in K-ville from 1936 to 1966 ‘cept for three of them years as a dog soldier. Returned to the city for a number of visits twixt ’66 and now. Check out the McCarthy Forum archives under Knoxville, Suttree, and you’ll see a lot about mid-20th century Knoxville and some of my golden words.

    A better source than I is Dr. Wesley Morgan recently retired as a Univ. of Tennessee prof. Though Wes didn’t move to Knoxville till the early 60’s, over the years he’s mastered Knoxville history in the Suttree years and is an expert on the novel. You no doubt read some of him in the first edition of the Suttree casebook. Wes’ work on McCarthy is all over the Forum archives.

    I got a toe in that first Suttree Casebook edition, but a publishing fluke made the rest of me invisible. I appear full bodied and transfigured in the second edition, now a Kindle digital book published by LSU Press. Check it out through Amazon for the reasonable price of about $15. Hard copies of the Casebook 2nd. edition are due out later this year.

    Gimme a holler if ye feel like it. Be nice to sit on one of them hallowed hills in Knoxville, gum a seed or two, and chew the fat.

    Fart of Ages

    28 May 2013 at 4:08 pm #3421

    Whut! No more feller Knoxvillians to unite? Thought there’d be a whole heapa chimin-ins on that theme. Hope the Fart didn’t scare anybody off. I said it’s better to blow hot air as a young fart than to blow frigid air as an old un not far from the big D.

    I should have said warm air. Can be soothing, can’t it? But I ain’t fully takin back my hot or cold airs. If somebody’s sayin admirin things close to worshipping Jedge Holden, a blast of hot or cold air on his or her attitude might jes shake some sense into him or her.

    Yep, there’s sure blessins in blowing hot and cold, pertiklerly if ye got a satire bone to pick with somebody.

    Fart Regenerate

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