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    Forum Rules and Guidelines

    The Cormac McCarthy Forum is provided and paid for by the members of the Cormac McCarthy Society to encourage discussion of the novels, plays, stories, and screenplays of Cormac McCarthy, as well as related topics in literature, literary criticism and theory, and issues in regional or American culture pertinent to Cormac McCarthy and his works.

    Although we welcome open discussion, good humor and even the occasional wry, well-composed insult, and we usually will not censor considered statements of opinion, we do have a few rules designed to keep discussion focused and civil. A wide variety of readers, from professional literary critics and academics to grade school and undergraduate students to serious lay readers and just plain fans, post to this Forum on a regular basis. We request that all points of view be respected, and that disagreements of methodology or approach be focused upon specific issues and not rendered in sweeping, stereotypical, offensive creedal declarations.

    The Forum Suzerains, members of the Cormac McCarthy Society designated to patrol the site for egregious violations of decorum, reserve the right to edit and amend postings on the site in order to achieve conformity with Forum guidelines. In all matters the decision of the Suzerains will be final (otherwise, theirs would be no right suzerainty).

    We ask that all correspondents please abide by these few guidelines:

    • We’re not committed to any ideology except common courtesy, and will not tolerate racially or sexually abusive language, nor any form of personal threat.
    • We’re not averse to colorful language when used for a clear rhetorical purpose, and it’s fine to quote passages from published sources in their entirety, regardless of content. We do request that our correspondents refrain from the use of gratuitous vulgarity, especially four-letter words used as article adjectives.
    • Personal attacks, insults, and other forms of ad hominem invective (unless clearly intended in a spirit of playfulness) between Forum correspondents are unacceptable and will be deleted from the Forum.
    • Because the online space on this Forum is paid for by the dues of Society members, we do want to make sure it’s used for the intended purpose of stimulating meaningful discussion. Humor and banter within an otherwise substantive discussion is fine, but please note that postings devoid of critical content or relevance may be deleted from the Forum at the discretion of the Forum Suzerains.

    Although we check the site regularly, we can’t always catch problems immediately — especially when a thread accrues messages quickly in the heat of a current discussion. Members who notice gross violations of Forum guidelines should contact the Suzerains at either of these email addresses:

    Your decision to post messages and enter discussions on the Cormac McCarthy Forum represents your agreement with these guidelines. Thank you for joining us.

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