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    Can anyone enlighten me the best theory for why Gene is called Harrogate?

    Gene maybe because he’s a kind of gene of Suttree, but Harrogate? Any winning theories?

    11 May 2017 at 3:02 pm #9374

    Richard L.

    Sorry it took so long for someone to answer.

    Harrogate may have been from Harrogate, Tennessee, a real place big enough to have its own Abe Lincoln museum.

    Some scholars think that he is to Suttree as Huck Finn was to Tom Sawyer, both sharing the buoyancy of innocence. Other scholars see him as the heir to an historical scamp named Sut made famous by the stories of George Washington Harris, hence the Harr in his name. Har, har, de har.

    He was certainly a part of the Sut family tree, which included Faulkner’s Sutpen, George Washington Harris’s Sut, and McCarthy’s Suttree, all of the gothic South and the latter two of Knoxville and its wider environs.

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