I made a soundtrack to go along with Blood Meridian.

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    So I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with this novel, and having too much time on my hands, I decided to compose a playlist to go along with the plot of Blood Meridian. Each song to fit a specific plot point in the overall story. Enjoy.


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    Alone And Forsaken – See the child
    Dust & Spurs – Bar fights
    Sheds Her Skin – Hermit and the heart
    Desert Music – The Kid and soldiers going down to Mexico
    A Second Fall – Comanche attack
    Sun AM – Post Comanche attack/Jailed in Mexican village
    True Believers – Joining the Glanton Gang
    Rattling the Calabash – The Magicians tell fortunes
    Dawn on a Buck Skin – Decapitation by the fire
    Ar Var Alda – Apache attack #1
    Yahweh – The Judge on the age of the Earth
    Tyranny – Tobin’s story of the Judge
    Lunaria Enters the Blue Lodge – The Judge and the harness maker
    Deer-Ree-Shee – GileƱos raid
    Sun Tower – Gallego and the Apaches
    Venus in Furs – Drinking and Chaos at the Govenors
    Time – Tiguas raid
    Young Men Dead – Battle with the soldiers/hunting down the escaped
    Fear Of The Land – Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent
    Sun Is Standing – The Kid finding his way back to the gang
    Oblivion Eaters – The Showman and his brother
    Venus Armata – The Judge and the coin
    Velada – The Ferry/Pablo and the Yumas
    Salamandra – The Gang betrays the Yumas/Burning the rival ferry/Glanton glares into the fire
    All Gone – The death of Glanton and the gang.
    The Goat & The Mayhem – The Judge, The Idiot, and the parasol made of bones.
    Doves Fielding Coal – Hiding
    Lasting – The Kid to The Man/Out on the plains
    Opnun – The Man enters town
    Gyroscope – The Judge surrounded by the dregs of mankind
    Let Steam Rule and Luck Lose – The bear is dead/The Judge at the bar/The girl is missing
    The Black Angel’s Death Song – He never sleeps, the judge. He is dancing, dancing. He says that he will never die
    The Judge – Epilogue

    24 Jul 2017 at 10:10 am #9728

    Richard L.

    Re: “So I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with this novel…”

    All obsessives are welcome here, though I wish your handle/moniker was less rude. An interesting-looking soundtrack and I will have to listen to it when I have time, thanks.

    24 Jul 2017 at 7:50 pm #9730


    Started out as a self-deprecating joke during High School and stuck with it ever since. Is there a way to change your name?

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