James Franco to direct "Blood Meridian" — for real, this time.

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  • 10 May 2016 at 8:40 am #8304

    Rick Wallach

    Boy, how can you spot a Phillies fan these days? By their use of the phrase “Something is better than nothing.”

    Bartolo Colon

    10 May 2016 at 1:32 pm #8305



    As it is the case with turning of Blood Meridian into a film… nothing is better than the something we will get. Hey, my Phils are much better than expected. Getting 5 or 6 young arms with potential this past off-season is paying off. Our bats are looking sluggish, but the pop will be back.

    I’ve been busy watching Woody Allen for the past week or so. I was finally able to see “Bananas” for the first time: loved it. I’ve yet to see a film from that era clown the 60’s like that one. I also laughed at seeing Sylvester Stallone play a subway thug. However, this viewing of Woody Allen films has convinced me how great “Hannah and Her Sisters” truly is.

    I bought a house in Vegas. Beautiful properties and unbeatable prices in great neighborhoods.

    Lee Elia

    10 May 2016 at 9:33 pm #8306

    Rick Wallach

    There are no crabs in Vegas except the inguinal kind.
    – Cleon Jones

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    14 May 2016 at 2:16 pm #8309


    Let’s be realistic, at the moment the only Hollywood guy who could successfully adapt BM is Paul Thomas Anderson. Watch his ‘there will be blood’. Hillcoat is an average director at best. He failed with the Road and that novel is much more ‘cinema-friendly’ than BM.

    14 May 2016 at 5:44 pm #8310

    Rick Wallach

    I’m afraid I was less impressed with There Will be Blood than some of my pals and colleagues here. I thought it eventually sputtered out, a tale looking for a way to terminate itself and finally defaulting to a forced ending. There’s no gainsaying DDL’s performance but that’s like saying that Michael Moriarty carried Q to the rank of a classic, atrocious SX and all. It takes more than one great performance to make a great film.

    21 May 2016 at 4:00 pm #8326

    22 May 2016 at 9:17 am #8327

    A few issues that have been brought up as obstacles to making this film in a way that does it justice include excessive violence and sheer volume of material to be covered. Sure, a film is doable, but it’s likely that an accurate portrayal of events would garner a rating of NC-17, and the estimated runtime would be at least 3 hours. These characteristics in a movie would discourage the kind of backing needed to make a quality film of this scale and scope.

    Rather than making a film, has anyone considered the possibility of a miniseries or stand-alone season on HBO? This format has seen some recent success and is gaining popularity (e.g. True Detective). HBO seems to be a nice home for these kinds of projects. Game of Thrones is quite violent and budget-heavy yet wildly successful. I doubt this would have been possible on any other network. I know I would probably be more hyped about 10 (give or take) episodes of Blood Meridian on HBO than a big screen adaptation, unless someone does something really special like film it on 70mm a la Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. Any thoughts on this?

    02 Jun 2016 at 1:30 pm #8331

    Candy Minx

    Enjoyed reading this thread.

    I am not completely depressed at Franco directing Blood Meridian.

    I liked the Vice film excerpt…the one with the guys in the desert….Franco’s “maquette” for the movie. The thing is…the pacing of that maquette, or sketch….was more of an HBO series. Which I agree would be a great idea for a version of BM. I kinda wish it would be a mini-series.

    I don’t think the problem is of who would direct….I think what makes BM claimed to be “unfilmable” (thanks Peter for the link to that online article I enjoyed it too) what is challenging about BM ifor a film is the same thing that has been challenging to those of us who have argued about it over the years. What is it’s meaning and intent (I know Rick doesn’t buy authors intent) and what is the purpose of it’s aesthetic style?

    Let me begin to answer a couple of those challenges…because w all know I’m just that much of a pretentious git I actually fully believe I can define the novels meaning, intent, and aesthetic purposes.

    Aesthetically, Blood Meridian (and Moby Dick) lock horns with the Bible and it’s literary style because American artists and writers took a leap to ignore Europe, especially England, and so ignoring other literary aesthetics was a good way to lean on the canon of the Bible and reject cultural subservience to England, to intellectual innovations from Europe and to go to a format to Middle Eastern art and narratives. America didn’t win a literary war with England….America ignored the battle and went right back to Biblical style as stature.(in order to portray the idea of ideology co-opting philosophy to justify one group dominating over another)

    So aesthetically a movie version of BM could do that too.

    The concern I have with Franco is not that he can’t create a visual language that makes fun out of ignoring Eupropes intellectual accomplishments or modernity…and keep cloistered in Bible philosophy, and duality….but that Franco may not be able to make the movie sexy.

    The movie has to be dead sexy. The Coens knew how to make No Country For Old Men sexy. It’s got to look better than “authentic.” Authentic isn’t sexy.

    And thats why it’s a good thing a lot of our forum members and academics aren’t film makers….because there has been too much focus on “authenticity” among McCarthy fans. BORING!

    The rejection of domain that Europe had over publishing the Bible, over rejecting Asian influences need stop be filmed without boring us to death.

    The intent and meaning of the novel is that during holocausts and hostile take-overs….the dominant forces utilize evil.

    In the way that the novel 2666 brilliantly explores the institutionalization of evil….Blood Meridian explores the experimentation with evil during cognitive gentrification. Both novels show a different aspect of incorporation of evil for dominance in pre-collapse societies.

    A movie version needs to be able to communicate why the novel ignored other historical and cultural narratives to portray the use of evil (malignant narcissism) as a tool/weapon for gentrification in pre-collapse societies while being super appealing to a diverse audience (sexy).

    I’m not sure Franco knows this in an aesthetic gut way on how to do that. But I do have a lot of faith in his potential to figure it out. It’s not in the movies he’s done of McCArthy’s so far…..but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have a visual paradigm shift. He’s on the right track. Less literature more painting and comedy. I am not sure why so many people are so jealous of him…I suspect it’s a platform envy.

    I also like the cast mentioned.

    Vincent D’Onofrio has already played a distilled version of the Judge in Jurassic World: He adopted a wolf, and he claims war is waiting.

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