James Franco's CHILD OF GOD

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    Peter Josyph

    James Franco’s CHILD OF GOD will spark heated debate for some time to come. It is well worth seeing and discussing both for its virtues and for its flaws. To say that CHILD OF GOD is not the easiest task for adaptation is to understate the obvious. Franco is a fairly new screenwriter/director, he is a young man, and he is using his box office musculature to undertake a series of serious literary adaptations, difficult projects that could be problematic for even the most seasoned director, e.g. AS I LAY DYING, CHILD OF GOD, and, as an actor, playing Allen Ginsberg in HOWL. Whatever your judgment about these endeavors, Franco is attempting what an enthusiast of quality literature would hope for in a handsome young star who can generate financing for films: he is working with decent material. For this reason alone, but also because there are many good things in CHILD OF GOD, I would encourage you to see it. Appreciators of Tim Blake Nelson will be especially pleased: his character is wonderfully realized and the film has another layer of funk and authenticity when he is on the screen.

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