Lee Driver, RIP

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  • 11 Dec 2017 at 4:49 am #9934

    Candy Minx

    I’m so sorry to post here that a remarkable man and regular participant Lee Driver has died.

    I love him and I am devastated. He has been a great friend, pen pal and spiritual inspiration to me and I know to many of us all here.

    I can not type through my tears. He passed away A few days ago, dec 6. His family is still planning a celebration of his life so no official details yet on Facebook.

    I’m just so sad and can’t write more at the moment. He really is the best of the best.

    I’m so sorry and my thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.

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    11 Dec 2017 at 6:25 am #9936


    Sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed reading his posts and seeing his wonderful woodworking creations. Regret I never got to meet him in person.

    11 Dec 2017 at 12:54 pm #9937

    Rick Wallach

    Lee used to come down from Santa Fe where he lived to meet up with me at the annual February Popular Culture conference in Albuquerque. I was going to email him in January to set up our yearly luncheon at the Annapurna Cafe near the University.

    I’m very sad to hear this. He was a terrific guy, fine artisan, great company, and a wonderful conversationalist.

    11 Dec 2017 at 2:25 pm #9938

    Richard L.

    He was but 73. His last post in this forum was on August 16th, when he thanked me for the recommendation of Peter Heller’s THE DOG STARS, which is a life-affirming novel, a comforting thought that he enjoyed that novel as much as I did.

    As has been noted, Lee Driver was a cheerful voice here. He will be missed.

    12 Dec 2017 at 2:45 pm #9939


    That is sad news. I recall going head-to-head with him a couple of times; a charitable and open-minded gentleman who will be missed.

    14 Dec 2017 at 12:07 pm #9942

    Candy Minx

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Lee the last few days. I found a pic we took two years ago in Taos. I’ll include the link here…I wish I knew how to use this forum site better…to include photos inside posts. I am stumped all these years on how to use this site more dynamically.

    Here is Lee with my husband, Stagg, where we hung out in Toas one night…


    Stagg and I really fell in love with Taos. In fact, I had even messaged Lee that we wanted to look at real estate..at least a studio space to rent for a few months and to make and sell some of our art work. We thought Taos was so damn cool…and it was obvious why Lee had settled there and enjoyed the place so much. There was such a connection to his consciousness and personality to the wild freedom and liberty that one could feel in Taos…in New Mexico n general…and also the kind of sense of consciousness and peace and connectedness overall.

    One of the main connections I felt with Lee was his spiritutal wisdom. My experience with him was that he was one of the enlightened ones. He and I shared an interest in ethnobotany and medicinal experiences and treatments outside of the dominant culture.

    I noticed on his Facebook page that many of his friends shared their spiritual and philosophical connections with him as well. He sure walked the walk and talked the talk. He wasn’t just like one part was ethical…no he always gave me the feeling and attitude that he had real wisdom about the nature of reality. And he lived it.

    Last week…when I was in Canada I was really thinking about Lee. I knew he was sick for the last few weeks because his family had said he was in an ICU and intensive care facility. They said he was fighting. I really believed Stagg and I would see him again when we went to Albuquerque for the upcoming conference. I’m presenting a paper there…and Stagg is going to have a booth to sell his art work. We just assumed we would head over to Taos after the conference again.

    I attended a lecture by Wade Davis last week inToronto. As many of you might remember Wade Davis is one of my heroes. He is an anthropologist and was the “explorer-in-residence” at National Geographic in DC for years. His lecture was so linked to my thoughts about Lee…knowing he was in the hospital…and hoping to see him. I was thinking about him…because Wade Davis talked about several topics that were part of the discussions Lee and I had in common…and sometimes maybe not in common…as it goes here when we talking about life.

    Davis shared some personal stories about one of his good friend Terrence McKenna…of course that stood out as Lee was also a psychonaut.

    Here for those of you to familiar with psychonautics from Wiki…”Psychonautics (from the Greek ψυχή psychē [“soul”, “spirit” or “mind”] and ναύτης naútēs [“sailor” or “navigator”] – “a sailor of the soul) refers both to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, especially an important subgroup called holotropic states, including those induced by meditation or mind-altering substances, and to a research paradigm in which the researcher voluntarily immerses himself or herself into an altered mental state in order to explore the accompanying experiences.

    The term has been applied diversely, to cover all activities by which altered states are induced and utilized for spiritual purposes or the exploration of the human condition, including shamanism, lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, sensory deprivation, and archaic/modern drug users who use entheogenic substances in order to gain deeper insights and spiritual experiences. A person who uses altered states for such exploration is known as a psychonaut.”

    Lee was really able to respect that this was a valid and valuable healing and way of life to put our experiences as part of life and reality…or the discussion about the nature of reality.

    One thing if I can try to articulate it…and it relates to what a couple of you have said is that he was a charitable person in conversation…that is true…he was able to see a goodness or a different side of a story. I loved how he could have an incredible common sense about life yet see the magic and layeredness of life. That is not easy.

    Stagg and I were also struck with how he knew every body at his local hangout. He was apart of a cast of characters.

    It’s also so powerful how…we spend all this time on our computers and when we are deep in our discussion of stuff here…how precious the lives are that we meet here…and how precious it is to be able to have tolerance for people with different opinions.

    Lee meant so much to me. I am so humbled by the people I have met here on the forum…it is an amazing experience and opportunity to share with others our diverse ideas and perspectives. I am so honored to have even met Lee in person and also…to have spent so many hours here at the forum. with so many awesome people. I feel so grateful and ducky.

    I believe Lee had profound medicinal and healing experiences in his life…I believe he saw through the illusions on this dimension…and he has gone to a new form of existence. I am still very sad and tears fall as I type this…because he is gone from this plane of existence…but I have a strange magical feeling that he is in a bigger or different dimension now.

    p.s. Please note…I have removed a conversation I shared with Lee…because it was insensitive of me to write about it in this thread. I am sorry.

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