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  • 20 May 2017 at 8:10 pm #9468

    Richard L.

    A belated thanks for that, Ken. We need something worth watching.


    Tonight we went to the movies without reading the reviews first.

    We chose SNATCHED, only because it was supposed to be a comedy and had Goldie Hawn in it. Unfortunately, despite Goldie, 71 and still magnetic on the screen, the movie is a bomb.

    Goldie’s “co-star” here is Amy Schumer. Not only is she not funny here, she has no presence at all other than one that is pro-stereotypical; she drags Goldie Hawn down again and again. Does the stereotypical airhead blonde exist? Of course there are always some around, but they are not the rule. This movie tries hard to reinforce the stereotype thru Schumer. If you think she is funny, you have my sympathy.

    This is Goldie’s first starring role in fifteen years. I’m appalled that she should agree to appear in a movie with Schumer and this inane script, which would make you think it is a children’s movie, but the farting jokes, “mf-ing” language and off-timed remarks make you think of twelve-year-old boys and their opinions of what constitutes adult humor. A romantic comedy for adults, it is not. Not for mature adults at all. Schumer shows one of her breasts, a tits-out joke, but no one who was in the theater with us laughed.

    The comments we overheard when walking out matched our own thoughts. The previews that accompanied the movie were no better, but at least they didn’t pretend to be comedies.

Viewing 281 post (of 281 total)

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