My new Literature & Game Podcast featuring McCarthy

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    Hi all:

    In case some of you enjoy podcasts, I thought I’d inform everyone that inspired in part by the project I did for the Road casebook, a friend of mine and I decided to start up a podcast discussing literature and film with video games in a podcast we’re calling the Appalachian Gaming Professors. Each month we’re doing a different theme, and in our first couple of episodes we did post-apocalyptic narratives and put them in conversation with each other, the Road being one of them. I thought I’d post a link here to our Road episode in case anyone is interested; it’s fairly self contained to discussion of the novel. If you like the podcast, you can subscribe to us on iTunes or other podcast services too

    Hope everyone is doing well! I saw a few of you in New Mexico earlier this year. I can’t make it to Austin this year, but I’ll look forward to the next one!

    Jeff Yeager

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