Nicolas Winding Refn should direct "Blood Meridian."

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    I’ve said this before, on the old forum, but I was browsing through the IMDb forums when I stumbled across this post, and for me it sums up perfectly why Refn (who directed the superb Drive last year) is the best candidate for an adaptation of McCarthy’s work.

    I know it’s kind of a weird choice, but hear me out! Because honestly now it feels like the ONLY choice.

    Refn got a lot of hate for Valhalla Rising in 2010, but I have to confess, when I saw VR this past winter I felt, as I never had before with a movie, like I was watching a Cormac McCarthy novel come to life. Watching these figures in 1000 AD simply existing within the frame of their brutal and short lives it was uncanny how much it reminded me of Blood Meridian. The story had a similar sense of suffocating weight and slow pacing, and the threat of violence hung so oppressively that even scenes of silence lapsed into something of a meditation on violence and of existence.

    When Blood Meridian fans discuss making it into a film, we always focus on whether or not all the violence will be able to be shown. But let’s not forget that this is some of the best literature from the 20th century, and there is so much more to consider than just whether all the viscera and excavated bowls will make it in. There are thematic metaphors conveyed outside of the dialogue, and there is an important otherworldly mood saturating every moment and action of these brutal wanderers. THAT can’t be missed!

    My big fear is they make it and focus on the action and violence without touching the themes of man, death, War-as-God, etc. The most exhilarating passages for me are easily when the Judge and the scalphunters sit around campfires debating points of philosophy they each come to hold as their own.

    Anyhow with Refn—in the end, I only kind of liked Valhalla Rising. But at the same time I gleefully recognize that he was MADE to direct Blood Meridian. After all, he’d be using his pitch-perfect sensibilities on amazing material this time, not something he wrote himself. To paraphrase the Judge: the ultimate film awaiting it’s ultimate practitioner.

    There are other directors I love who might come close with this story, but with Refn it feels like we have the chance to make one of those rare, perfect pairings of director and material to create something truly great.

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