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    Richard L.

    There’s tributes across the web, but none better than those at THE RAP SHEET:

    He’s the author of the JUSTIFIED series, GET SHORTY, and a long list of quality thrillers, but long before those he was the author of VALDEZ IS COMING and HOMBRE, which will always be my favorite Elmore Leonards.

    John Russell: Hey. I got a question. How are you planning to get back down that hill?

    Grimes: Mister, you’ve got alot of hard bark on you walkin’ down here like this. Now, I owe you. You put two holes in me.

    John Russell: Usually enough for most of ’em.

    Grimes: Don’t try it again, that Vaquero is more than a fair hand.

    Grimes: You got the money?

    John Russell: Guess I brought my dirty laundry down by mistake.

    Grimes: Let me see it.

    John Russell: Look for yourself.

    Grimes: [opens bag, pulls out a handful of clothes] Well now, what’ya suppose hell’s gonna look like?

    John Russell: We all die, just a question of when.

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