Suttree Prologue & Lovecraft

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    The following blockquote was culled from a Lovecraft correspondence in which he describes a New York neighborhood. Very racist, obviously. The philosopher Graham Harman, an expert on Lovecraft, has made the interesting observation that the description exhibits stylistic analogies to Lovecraft’s monsters. It caught my eye because it reminded me right away of the Suttree Prologue and I am curious to see if anyone else might think so as well.

    The organic things–Italo-Semitico-Mongoloid–inhabiting that awful cesspool could not by any stretch of the imagination be called human. They were monstrous and nebulous adumbrations of the pithecanthropoid and amoebal; vaguely moulded from some stinking viscous slime of earth’s corruption, and slithering and oozing in and on the filthy streets or in and out of windows and doorways in a fashion suggestive of nothing but infesting worms or deep-sea unnameabilities.”

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