Suttree Uk fist edition price.

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  • 29 Sep 2015 at 11:46 am #7634


    As the topic says I was hoping someone had an idea how much a first Uk edition of Suttree is worth. I can find a lot of info about US first editions but nothing on Uk prices. Thanks in advance.

    30 Sep 2015 at 12:21 pm #7635

    Rick Wallach

    Your best bet would be to search antique or collectible booksellers’ web sites in the UK, and check international portals like eBay to see what such books are going for. You might specify that you want to search British or commonwealth country booksellers to cut down on the sheer bulk of returns.

    30 Sep 2015 at 1:58 pm #7642

    Richard L.

    Some time ago, FIRSTS MAGAZINE: THE MAGAZINE FOR BOOK COLLECTORS has listed market prices for SUTTREE in both the American and British editions but they are now out of date. The best bet, as Rick says, to go to Ebay and to the rare book dealers on ABE and Alibris to see what editions like the one you have and, most importantly, in the condition you have, and see what they are asking for them.

    These things go in phases, like the blood moon, and like whether Cormac McCarthy has been an answer on Jeopardy lately. You need more than one person who desires the book to drive up the price, if at auction. The more the merrier.

    When the first (and only) uncensored and otherwise magnificent edition of Samuel Chamberlain’s MY CONFESSION came out, annotated by Prof. William H. Goetzmann, I bought half a dozen copies and immediately listed them for sale at double the price.

    Some well-intended people, some from this forum, emailed me and said that I must be crazy to do so when first editions were still for sale everywhere. I always replied that I intended to wait until the book went out of print and the price went up, which I saw as inevitable if they did not immediately issue a second edition of the book, which I did not expect to happen. It went out of print and I immediately sold my copies for triple what I had paid (with an Amazon discount).

    Now look. A fine uncensored copy of the book cannot be had without the expenditure of many hundreds of dollars, anywhere, and former library copies go for three or four hundred dollars. Such is the market for rarity.

    One of these days a paperback copy of the uncensored book will likely appear and the price may go down. But not until then.

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