Telling it from the mountain

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    Just a few small tidbits I noticed in the vein of the Judge’s ‘I’ll write a policy on your life barring every hazard save the noose.’

    Near to the end of the Tobin’s tale of how the Judge was first met after he has tried the powder, he walks up to the rim and, according to Tobin, calls out, All dead save me. Have mercy on me. Todos muertos. Todos.

    Which if we consider it in the larger context turns out to be true. The entirety of the Glanton gang is eventually wiped out to a man and the Indians against which they fight come about as close to extinction as you can.

    In fact his ascension to the rim strikes me more as a continuation of the reported sermon he earlier gave, ‘That the world was round like an egg and contains all good things within it.’ In this same passage the Judge is seen to, ‘take up a position on some lava rocks.’

    Earlier in the novel the Judge is reported to be ‘atop the walls, up there, declaiming in the old attic mode.’

    And later when he addresses the kid in the bone waste he does so from, ‘atop the slope of the sand esker.’

    And maybe a little joke that by virtue of his very size he is to everyone else seen speaking from on high.

    I still can’t piece it all together but his words at the least prove prophetic as they often do. I’ll revisit this as the thoughts come to me.

    26 Jun 2014 at 4:40 pm #5538


    Nice set of observations. Good stuff. I wonder if anything similar is going on when he commandeers the lectern in Rev. Green’s tent.

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