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  • 31 Jul 2012 at 2:25 pm #1760

    Richard L.

    Hey, this just came up on Google Alert.

    There’s also a link on the linked page to the Empire interview with Brad Pitt discussing McCarthy.

    10 Aug 2012 at 3:15 pm #1786

    Candy Minx

    Oh my god, I love that photo of Brad Pitt. That just made my whole day. Yummmmy!

    Look the rumour of the pdf file many of us read as being a fake was started here from a couple of the forum participants. At least one of whom is not remotely qualified to decide whether any script is authentic or not. I don’t know why those forum participants started a rumour the pdf script was a fake…but they did. I would take their view with a grain of salt. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…and I don’t pretend to understand why someone would start such a rumour but their motives reflect more about their own personality and attitude towards life and art than anything else. If this rumour had been started by a valuable source then I would perhaps take it seriously. I think with such a rumour the best way to deal with it is to ask the question “Who benefits from this rumour?”

    A movie production company might benefit from posting a fake script in order to deflect from the actual script.

    But this rumour wasn’t started by a movie production company, it was started by a fan and an academic. What gain does a fan benefit by starting this rumour? What gain does an academic benefit by starting this rumour?

    The answer to the authenticity of the pdf script lies in knowing the answer to those two questions.

    10 Aug 2012 at 3:22 pm #1787

    Candy Minx

    The ‘grapevine’ is the informal communication network found in every organization. The term can be traced back to the United States Civil War in the 1860s. Since battlefronts moved frequently, army telegraph wires were strung loosely from tree to tree across battlefields, somewhat like wires used to support grapevines. The wires were used to carry telegraph messages created in Morse code (the electronic alphabet, invented in 1844) because the telephone wasn’t invented until 1876. Since the lines often were strung hastily during battle, and messages were composed in a hurry, the resulting communication tended to be garbled and confusing. Soon, any rumor was said to have been heard ‘on the grapevine’.

    There are four types of grapevine rumors:

    Wish fulfillment – identifying the wishes and hopes of employees.

    ‘Bogey rumors’ – exaggerating employees’ fears and concerns.

    ‘Wedge-drivers’ – aggressive, unfriendly and damaging. They split groups and dissolve allegiances.

    ‘Home-stretchers’ – anticipating final decisions or announcements. They tend to fill the gap during times of ambiguity.

    Research shows that grapevine information tends to be about 80% accurate. Since many rumors start from someone’s account of an actual event, there are strong elements of truth in many rumors. However, grapevine information often contains big errors as people put their own interpretation onto an event or information they have seen, and then pass it on in a process of partial or selective recall.

    Why do people spread rumors? Humans are social animals – we need to talk to others. Chat about others helps to strengthen existing relationships. Besides entertainment value, gossiping can raise people’s self esteem – we feel more important by getting information first and by the interest it creates.

    It is rare to find people at different levels discussing rumors or gossiping with each other. When two people share a rumor or gossip it has the effect of putting them on a relatively equal footing.

    The grapevine can play an important part in the ‘management by walking around’ approach. When managers move around the office without a particular objective, they can pick up relevant rumors. This information would not have become available if the manager had stayed in their office all day.

    Managers can sometimes purposely send messages through the grapevine to test the likely reaction to a possible management decision. This can allow feedback to take place and adjustments made before final decisions are made. Thus the grapevine can contribute to a more inclusive workplace.

    from here:

    Oh look here is a wiki page about rumours:

    and this one:–5-Helpful-Tips-To-Deal-With-Rumors/428216

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    20 Aug 2012 at 4:33 pm #1807


    With the passing of his brother Tony yesterday, Ridley Scott has halted production to grieve.

    30 Sep 2012 at 11:37 am #2100


    Here’s an excerpt of a “” interview with Penelope Cruz this week:

    Before I run out of time with you, I know you’re filming in London now. What was it about that project – was it the script, was it Ridley, was it the actors? How did you get involved with The Counselor?

    CRUZ: I read the script, and after three pages I was completely blown away by how new this feels. It’s Cormac McCarthy’s first script. Not based on any book, its just a script. And it’s an incredible piece for actors, all the characters are incredible. All the scenes are very long scenes, a lot of dialogue, scenes that have a beginning and a transition. You can travel with each scene, you have the space and the time to really go through a journey with each scene; and that, for actors, it’s a big privilege to have scenes like that. Then we started talking about it and playing Laura, who is one of the–how do I tell you without saying?

    Yeah, I don’t want you to spoil it.

    CRUZ: Yeah, but it’s a character that has always chosen the light. Has very particular ideology, is a very religious woman, or has been educated like that and is starting to have doubts about some things. Or, also starting to feel a curiosity toward the darkness. Also knowing that there is a very big, real danger there. Life is putting her in that situation where she’s tasting the darkness.

    Do you do an accent in the film?

    CRUZ: No, I’m a European girl from Spain that is living in America.

    Do you typically have most of your scenes with one of the other cast members? You have an incredible cast.

    CRUZ: Most my scenes are with Michael Fassbender and with Cameron Diaz. And I don’t have any scenes with Javier.

    [laughs] That’s very funny.

    CRUZ: But for us it is better, we could do every movie like this, because then always one of us can be free. You know? We don’t have to be working in the same day. (laughs)

    There you have it folks. Cruz the literary critic talks about playing the role of “Laura”, a character in the controversial script we saw months ago. If that script was a total fraud, then it was very prescient, clairvoyant even. This doesn’t necessarily mean the script we saw is authentic, as it could be an intentional fraud from An Official Source. As I did back then, I still believe the script is authentic. And I still think it is bad.

    30 Sep 2012 at 11:46 am #2101


    Missed this, but last week’s entertainment blurb about Javier Bardem revealed that he plays the role of “Reiner”. That would have been additional confirmation of the “authenticity” of “The Counselor” script we saw earlier in the year.

    30 Sep 2012 at 1:29 pm #2106


    Actually all the use of those names confirms is that someone saw the actual script and wrote down or remembered the actual names. And that’s assuming that the actors are being truthful about their characters’ names. Everything else could be fabricated.

    Me, I take no position on the authenticity or not of that script we saw floating around earlier.

    30 Sep 2012 at 3:58 pm #2107


    As far as I can tell, calling the script the real shindig is as much of a rumor as calling it fake.

    01 Oct 2012 at 6:46 pm #2108


    Marty, Will, etal. (whoever they are): I phrased it thus for these reasons. These reports from the entertainment press are “additional confirmations” though they don’t “necessarily mean the script is authentic”. There are many scenarios in which what we saw was a fake. I suggested an intentional fraud by, say, the producers or even McCarthy himself, simply to confound aggressive nosey parkers like us. As Marty suggested, it could be someone who glimpsed the actual and then fabricated the rest. Hence I used the word “believe” to describe where I stand in all of this. On second read, Marty, your several possible scenarios have surprising implications to me. If someone saw the real script and then pretty quickly wrote that entire fake script built around the few real facts (not just the names, but also other qualities as revealed by the actors, such as particular characteristics … such as the cheetah which Cameron Diaz said in one of those mindless interviews I half-heartedly skimmed), what would his purpose be? — perhaps to get a thrill of starting a hoax. And if the actors are perpetrating and perpetuating the deception (perhaps to help McCarthy throw us off the track), then that would be a bigger conspiracy going on. However, if my belief that the script is authentic turns out to be true after all, then that would have the most surprising consequence, at least to me!

    01 Oct 2012 at 8:15 pm #2109


    Your musing makes sense. I just meant to say no one really knows. Not the most salient point, but hey.

    W/r/t recent information: P. Cruz said something like her character mostly has scenes with Counselor and Malkina. In the leaked script, she only has one scene without them, so her comment seems to support the authenticity of this script.

    I agree with you that there would be surprising consequences if the script is the real thing. I guess I have to wait to find out, or else this debacle turns me into a mash up of Oedipa Maas and those trashy celebrity magazines by the checkout.


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