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  • 17 May 2012 at 11:13 am #1279


    But Bob, it’s the fertile ground for mindless violence the gang offers in which the judge can work his feral magic. You put him on that same rock with only Don Juan Matus and don Genaro in attendance and his power is much diminished if not existent. If that meeting had taken place you probably never would a heard of the judge, he would a been stuffed in some jakes at a remote outpost, his head so far up his own ass as to resemble a fucking blastula.

    18 May 2012 at 11:09 am #1288

    Candy Minx

    Lee, your post # 1210 was fantastic. I think thats it all about the judge right there. And Laurie…I think he is a liar too, I don’t think you got carried away with your descrptions for my tase heh heh.

    And heaven save us….aden said this “There is no doubt that the judge is a sophisticated villain who is portrayed by McCarthy in a way that is intended to invoke metaphysical, not to say supernatural and godlike, qualities.”

    Up untill this statement it never occurred to me in your posts about the judge that you considered he might be a villain. Its the first time you haven’t been kissing the judges butt when you write and I was very impressed that you had figured out he is a villain! Well done, there might be hope for our children yet…

    And Bob….I think what I believe that its not that the gang “conjures” up the judge. That is too fancy a way of putting it for me…I think Lee is saying this so welll above. Its about the fertile ground. About the idea of a catalyst or place for someone like “the judge” with his special interests to have to function. We can see this with opportunities available for the sick minded.

    The sick minded may never ever act out….but when given a catalyst or a partner in crime, or a venue like “the wild west” or Nazi Germany or Rwanda….there are people who will find their niche in those kinds of “wild lands” or situations…????

    18 May 2012 at 8:53 pm #1290

    Candy Minx

    Oh the other thing I responded to in your earlier post Lee was about the idea of the judge winning on Survivor game show.

    I think the tv series Survivor is vastly under rated. There are a lot of insights to be enjoyed following the series…and they’ve only gotten more insightful as each season returns.

    There have been two contestants who very much reminded me of the judge. No, not murderous or child raping…but they followed a persona I see as the judges. Selfish, greedy, decadant, sadistic, and self servingly arrogant. It’s not super fair to say that Richard Hatch was just like the judge…but he had some distinctive personality traits in common. He won the very first series of Survivor.

    The thing is…he wouldn’t be able to win again. As soon as a new combination of players begins a new series and location…they also bring with them knowledge of previous game play.

    There was as player a couple of seasons ago named Russel. This guy was very much like the judge. He was in fact a lot like the character Daniel day Lewis played in “there will be blood”.he was even an oil man.

    This guy ran the whole game. He was very good and he was completely unlivable to the audience but the players couldn’t see him how we saw him so he got away with a lot. But he didn’t win the money.

    When players know the terrain that they will be hungry they will go without food…and they won’t die…they don’t need a food provider anymore. In early seasons people would keep hard workers or hunters for food and labor. Sometimes those players would win. But everything becomes a potential threat in Survivor. If you’re too nice you’re voted off, if you ‘re a nag you might be voted off, if you’re physically fit you’re voted off if you’re a drain on game by being lousy at competing…

    In the first series hatch could win because nobody knew the playing field yet. They had no idea how a secret alliance would manifest and effect the game outcome.

    Now players are savvy…and someone like the original winner is voted off right away.

    Often savvy players will keep a jerk till the end of the game because the way you win is by getting votes from fellow players. So the jury won’t give the million dollars to a jerk. They will give it usually to someone they feel deserves the money combined with how they played their social game.

    The player who was like the judge…did not win. The jury slowly learned what kind of a narcissist he was and no way he would get the money.

    The situation of a genocide culture is different though. The judge is flourishing in a genocide economy. People like the judge flourish in genocides…as I said the wild west, Rwanda, and nazi Germany.

    Blood meridian is a readers machine. It’s like literary LSD, a glass bead game, Survivor for armchair gamers, a cosmic reset button where a reader might get confused and think the judge OR the kid is a hero. The thing is its made for readers…the kid is never outside the game enough…and neither is the judge. It’s for the reader to be a “hero” by processing those two contrasting characters.

    The judge can’t “win” in real life if the reader recognizes his persona and talents depend on ignorance and fear with genocide being the yardstick.

    underestimating the literary value of The Road is a mistake…as so many fans of blood meridian dismiss The Road. The Road is a diptych to Blood Meridian because it is also set in a genocide economy. The father removes genocide as the yardstick to existence and economy. The father is the kind of guy who has read Blood Meridian. (and watched Survivor ha ha)

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