The End of BM: A Reading

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    Thanks for the thread. This was a great read and something I hadn’t come across when I first looked at discussions on BM’s ending. It’s more satisfying and chilling then the common assumptions (i.e. squashed/sodomized to death).

    My guess would be that after the gang dissolution, the kid resisted the temptation to engage in young-girl flesh for many years but a sad life wore him down. He could never adjust or settle down and with the killing of Elrod, was finally at the point of giving up ‘his soul’.

    As for the evidence that the man definitely died that night… It’s possible that once he rape/murdered the young girl, he either suicides, or was killed by another who caught him in the act… thus leaving the horrifying scene in the jake.

Viewing 71 post (of 71 total)

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