THE GLACIER: a cinematic novel

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    With all this discussion about screenplays going on I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce a little book that I’ll be having published later this year, in September.

    The adventurous independent publishing house TWO DOLLAR RADIO is reformatting and publishing an old screenplay of mine – THE GLACIER – as the beginning of a new series they are introducing called the “cinematic novel” : screenplays that they believe have enough compelling literary merit to stand on their own.

    THE GLACIER has little to do with McCarthy directly, but it was heavily influenced by Sam Shepard early on, who I situate in my mind as living on the same block as McCarthy – and there are a few common themes having to do with landscape and American mythos. To place some of my other work in the context of McCarthy, I’m the clown who had his Tobin Gunpowder Scene performance-monologue up here about a year ago.

    In any case, there’s a description, introduction and interview with me about the work here. Some of you may find it interesting. And there are a few passing references to McCarthy in the interview:

    You can also pre-order the book.
    And the good news:
    It’s already on sale!

    Carry on-

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    Congrats on the book. Can’t wait to check it out.

    09 Jul 2015 at 8:47 am #7320


    Thought I’d throw this up here again. My screenplay / novel The Glacier will be published in September and we’ve got Advanced Reader Copies ready if you or anyone you know is a book buyer or critic / reviewer interested in evolving perspectives on the mythology of the American Frontier and the cross-literary mediums channeling it.

    Advanced Reader Copies can be requested here (ARC request) either as a hard-copy or a PDF:

    The book will be available in Sept. and I look forward to feedback from anyone here who might be innerested!

    Further description of the book and Two Dollar Radio in previous post….


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