The Green Fly Inn

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    Richard L.

    As I recall, there actually was a tavern upon which McCarthy based one section of THE ORCHARD KEEPER. Wes Morgan probably has the right story on this.

    Anyway, also as I recall, it is a parable for the Fall, the fall of human consciousness into animal man, resulting in a knowledge of death which, sublimated, resulted in the partisan polarity that makes folks fight with one another. I might argue that the name conjures up the Green Fly section of John Graves’ GOODBYE TO A RIVER, which was first published separately as a short story (and which appeared in the O. Henry BEST SHORT STORIES (1953-1955).

    Of course, McCarthy might have read that, the denizens of the Green Fly Inn hooked like hungry trout on alcohol and, after the fall, falling out about politics or something ‘nother.

    Hey, the Green Fly Inn song by Mr. Whitecotton is worth a listen too:

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