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  • 16 Jul 2017 at 11:33 pm #9710

    Hi 🙂 I’m a senior at my school and my last written task for English (currently) is to read The Road and write a chapter intervention that ‘fills a gap’ within the novel. I’m really stuck on ideas about what to write and where to put it. If you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.

    18 Jul 2017 at 12:07 am #9711

    Richard L.

    Pretty deep for a high school assignment, but I like it.

    I’d do a chapter on Ely, the only named character in the book, and one with a considerable amount of humor. McCarthy doesn’t give us much information on him. It would be interesting if he had escaped the cannibals on the road before they met him, and that might fill a chapter.

    You might also have them meet him again and have him expand on his argument “We’ll all be better off when we’re dead and gone,” in a humorous way, taking up Thomas Logotti’s other arguments in THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE HUMAN RACE.

    That might be fun.

    Funnier still, you might have father and son meet Cormac McCarthy on the road down in Tennessee. Or Oprah and McCarthy traveling together.

    More seriously, you might make an intervention chapter on why and how the human race decided to kill itself in a mutual flagellation of nuclear war, say.

    I’d bet you will do better if you just relax and have fun with it.

    18 Jul 2017 at 8:27 pm #9714


    I need to also write a chapter intervention for The Road, any ideas ? i’m totally stuck 🙁 I was thinking something to do with a dream but im really unsure.


    19 Jul 2017 at 12:44 pm #9715

    Richard L.

    There’s not a lot of people here, so I’m not sure if you will get anyone else to reply.

    After THE ROAD was published, it seemed like there was an avalanche of dystopian novels novels that saw publication–a trend. Often in reviews, McCarthy’s Pulitzer-winning novel was called up for comparison, sometimes aptly, sometimes needlessly.

    Of those that I’ve read, the best was Peter Heller’s THE DOG STARS. It is set in McCarthy’s THE ROAD world, but Heller gave it a completely different paradigm.

    THE DOG STARS starts out as a sequel, with the narrator going on about the lost species of trout, I kid you not. But then the narrative becomes insightful, told in the first person, and what’s more the narrator becomes an upbeat glass-half-full kind of guy. Yeah, it might be the end of the world, but he is grateful for every day.

    Dystopian novels are not my cuppa java, so it may be that there are others who have done this. But the refreshing shift in attitude works for me and I cannot think of McCarthy’s THE ROAD these days without also thinking of THE DOG STARS.

    If I were given your assignment, I’d be thinking likewise.

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