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    Richard L.

    This is good, Sam Shepard on his time at the Santa Fe Institue:

    Shepard had access to an office within the nonprofit research institute and was encouraged to share ideas with the institute’s researchers and scientists. Shepard joked about the kinds of highbrow conversations he had with some of these scholars. The person he spoke to most often was actually novelist Cormac McCarthy, who is a trustee of the institute.

    “I have a real difficult time having dialogues with writers,” Shepard admitted, adding with a laugh that with McCarthy their conversations had “mostly to do with dogs or cunt.”

    Kind of an amazing quote, this from the new book, SAM SHEPARD: A LIFE (2017) by John Winters. There are a lot of other things here that surprise. For instance, Winters devotes a chapter to Shepard’s devotion to the ideas of Gurdjieff, which makes me wonder if he ever discussed that with Cormac McCarthy.

    There’s a lot of stuff on Patti Smith and Jessica Lange, his one-time life partners, and lots of other movie and musical tidbits. Recommended.

Viewing 441 post (of 441 total)

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